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State Representatives

Fairfax County Democratic Committee

Fairfax County, Virginia

Dalia is endorsed by the Fairfax County Democratic Committee.

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Chap Petersen

Senator, 34th District

"The Fairfax County School Board needs to keep pace with innovation and change and Dalia represents that. She will be a fighter for public education and she's ready to bring a fresh face for Providence District. I endorse her, and I encourage everyone to get out and help elect Dalia as our new member for Fairfax County School Board."


Marcus Simon

Delegate, 53rd District

"I am excited that Dalia has made the decision to step-up and run for the Fairfax County School Board from Providence District.  Dalia is a genuine American success story, thanks in no small part to the education she received in Fairfax County Public Schools.  With her energy, fresh ideas and commitment to ensuring our scarce resources are directed to the classroom where they will do the most good, I believe Dalia will be an excellent addition to the school board.  I endorse Dalia Palchik for Fairfax County School Board."


Eileen Filler-Corn

Delegate, 41st District

"Dalia Palchik is a product of our community, and she is dedicated to giving back to Providence district and Fairfax County. I am proud to endorse Dalia for School Board, and I know that she will work hard and provide excellent constituent services as a member of the school board. "

Mark Keam

Delegate, 35th District

"As a former Fairfax County Public School student, Dalia knows what it takes to succeed in a high-performing school district.  Her unique background and diverse set of experiences have prepared her to address the needs of today's students.  That's why she will fight tirelessly to ensure that all students receive the best education they deserve and that parents expect.  I hope you will join me in supporting Dalia Palchik to represent the Providence District on the Fairfax County School Board.​"

Barbara Favola

Senator, 31st District

"Dalia will bring the very important perspective of a classroom teacher to the policy deliberations of the School Board. I enthusiastically encourage you to support Dalia in her efforts to serve you as a Member of the School Board."

Dave Marsden

Senator, 37th District

"Dalia is a product of our schools, and has the hands-on teaching experience that we need on the Fairfax County School Board. In my experience in juvenile justice, I know that a good education and proper school resources can make the difference for young people. Dalia understands the issues, brings a fresh perspective to the school board, and is serious about public education. I'm proud to endorse Dalia Palichik for Fairfax County School Board, Providence District."

Alfonso Lopez

Delegate, 49th District

"I know how important it is for students with diverse backgrounds to have the tools they need to succeed in our schools. Kids need strong ESL programs, school health and counseling resources, and teachers that propel them to higher education. Dalia learned English at Mantua Elementary School in Fairfax, and became a world language teacher after finishing her own education. Dalia's experiences will allow her to be a powerful voice for students who are new Virginians. I know Dalia will serve our community well on the Fairfax County School Board, and I'm proud to endorse her."

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Fairfax County School Board Members

Ilryong Moon

At-Large Member

"In my 16-years of experience on the Fairfax County School Board I know that having the right people on the board makes the difference for our students. Dalia is an inspired teacher who knows the challenges our students face. As a fellow former ESOL student, she will represent the many diverse faces that are part of our classrooms today. I endorse Dalia to be the next Providence District School Board Member because we need leaders like her to take the FCPS into the next generation with much energy, and ensure it to remain one of the best school systems in America."

Ryan McElveen

At-Large Member

"Dalia's experience as a world language teacher will allow her to provide an important perspective on our school board. Foreign language education is vital for educating students to graduate prepared to succeed in a global economy. I believe Dalia will be an excellent representative for our schools and our generation on the Fairfax County School Board."

Phillip Niedzielski-Eichner

Former Providence Representative to the Fairfax County School Board

“Dalia Palchik grasps the fact that, with its diversity of cultures, language and color, FCPS offers its students an intangible benefit.  Being comfortable with and valuing differences will position our students well for success in life in an increasingly interconnected and complex world.  While I like her global focus, I am even more impressed with her commitment to ensuring that each student in our school system has the opportunity to succeed at the highest level their abilities can take them.  I also believe that Dalia will fit in well with Fairfax’s governing culture of providing quality services in a fiscally responsible way.”

Ted Velkoff

At-Large Member

"Dalia Palchik knows what innovation and technology can do to change our schools and education system because she has experienced it hands-on as a TJ student and as a teacher. She will bring that personal experience, and knowledge of what works to the Fairfax County School Board. Dalia is an exemplary member of our community here in Fairfax, and will bring the next generation of leadership to our public education system. I endorse Dalia for School Board because I know she's got what it takes to bring our county forward, and she has what it takes to tackle the difficult issues faced by our county and schools.¨


Pat Hynes

Hunter Mill District and Chair of Fairfax County School Board

"The Fairfax County School Board needs more members who have taught in the classroom and understand the challenges that come with educating students. Dalia Palchik is a teacher and knows that teachers make the difference in our students' success. Dalia will bring her experience on the ground, in the classroom, and with parents and students to the School Board.  I'm proud to endorse her to be Providence District's next School Board Member.¨

Jane Strauss

Dranesville District

¨In an ever-growing and increasingly interlinked global economy, we need school board members who understand the importance of preparing our kids to succeed in a global society. Dalia's experience teaching world languages and working in countries across the world makes her just that type of leader. Her fresh approach and experience in global education will be an excellent addition to the school board. I support Dalia Palchik for Fairfax County School Board, and hope you will too.¨


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Local Representatives

Sharon Bulova

Chairman of the Fairfax County Board Of Supervisors

"For the past three years, it has been my great pleasure to work with Dalia Palchik in her role on the Fairfax County School Board. Dalia’s passion and dedication to things like early childhood education have brought energy and expertise to Fairfax County, but I have been most impressed by her willingness to listen, and work together to get things done. As Fairfax County grows and changes there will be challenges ahead, and Dalia Palchik has the right blend of progressive leadership and pragmatic experience to help the Fairfax County of tomorrow. I am proud to endorse Dalia Palchik for Providence District Supervisor."

John Foust

Supervisor, Dranesville District

"As Chairman of the Board of Supervisors' Audit Committee and Vice-chairman of the Budget Committee, I know the importance of cutting waste and finding innovative ways to approach the budget. Dalia Palchik does too. I know that on the School Board Dalia will make sure our money is used efficiently to ensure high quality education for our kids. That is why I endorse Dalia Palchik for Fairfax County School Board." 

Grace Han Wolf

Herndon City Council Member

 "We need more women and diversity in elected office that match the diversity we see in our schools and in our communities. Dalia's international background, her acuity with languages and her passion for teaching will make her a wonderful addition to the Fairfax County School Board.¨



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