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As Providence District Supervisor, Dalia will bring proven progressive leadership to our county board to improve community services for all Fairfax residents, prioritize our schools, and make sure that our grown and prosperity benefit the entire community.
Fully funding Fairfax County Public Schools and ensuring all of our students a world-class education will always be Dalia’s top priority. Dalia will fight everyday so every student has access to Pre-K education, our dedicated teachers get the resources they need, and Fairfax County fully funds efforts to rebuild and renovate our schools. 

Fairfax County should be a regional and national leader on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using more clean energy. Handing off a better planet to our children is critical and it’s up to all of us to do our part—including our County Government. We need to set goals to have our County reduce its dependence on dirty forms of energy and reduce our carbon footprint.


One Fairfax County

Fairfax County is an inclusive and welcoming community. We need to preserve the spirit of openness across our neighborhoods regardless of race, gender identity, religion, or sexual orientation. While we live so close to the nation’s capital, we must show the rest of the Country that Donald Trump’s D.C. values of divisiveness and hate are not welcome here.

A Healthy and Thriving Community

From open spaces to more walking trails, a healthy community is a thriving community. From more government services in more locations with better hours to better government technology to make life easier for residents, Fairfax County needs and can do more to give residents and businesses more options to get their work and play done in our County.


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